Igloo Letterpress at the National Stationery Show

pictured above from left to right: Allison's mom, Allison Chapman, Karly Depew of Oscar + Emma, Sharon McMullen

Continuing my adventure stories from the National Stationery Show in May, I absolutely must include my happy encounter with Allison Chapman and Sharon McMullen of Igloo Letterpress. Allison started Igloo Letterpress in 1996 and credits her passion in part to her grandfather and her time spent in his hobby shop. As their clever marketing postcard states, "Igloo Letterpress started with my grandad's press and has snowballed." Sharon McMullen is a graphic designer and the art director at Igloo Letterpress. Their designs and craftsmanship are absolutely gorgeous. What caught my "DIY-eye" immediately were their journal and bookbinding kits. Igloo Letterpress is not only a letterpress shop but an art studio where one can partake in classes and experience the letterpress and stationery-making process. If you live near Worthington, Ohio, you've got some great neighbors! Check out some of my favorite Igloo Letterpress finds, including the book-binding kit.
Build-it-Yourself book, available here at Etsy

Pull-out birthday card, available here at Etsy

Refillable Bicycle Journal, available here at Etsy

All product photos © Igloo Letterpress