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Create your own whimsical garden art

Want to create a whimsical look for your garden or yard? Paint the panes of an old window and create the magic of a secret garden. Read on for my instructions and tips for this fun and (pretty) easy project. 
Supplies: a window with a wooden framesand paper, if neededexterior primerexterior paintwindow cleaner (like Windex)1.5" paint brush to paint the window frame (and mineral spirits to clean the brush and your hands)paint brushes for artwork (at least one should be a flat brush with a minimum width of 0.5")acrylic paints (avoid white)painter's tapeclear, acrylic varnish spray (like Krylon)a cup of water and a couple paper towels for cleaning and dabbing brushes between colors

1. Start with an old window with a wood frame. We recently renovated our bathroom and were lucky enough to have lovely, old windows to save for this exact purpose. 
2. Sand as needed. I didn't do very much sanding on mine. The nice thing is that these are supposed to look "vintage." …

Heart and Soul: My Painted Piano

This past spring I painted a piano. A whole piano. However I wanted. It was an awesome experience.

I was one of 8 artists chosen to participate in a public art project called Heart and Soul: the University City Public Piano Project. I knew I wanted my piano to be brightly colored, fun, and inviting. I started with a basic sketch of flowers and leaves. Six cans of green spray paint and various buckets of acrylic colors later, I transformed my piano into a magical garden, complete with a hobbit door and hanging lanterns. For nearly three weeks in June, these eight unique, elegant, colorful, and wacky pianos were scattered throughout West Philadelphia for outdoor, public enjoyment. My piano was in Clark Park—a great location considering the green, growing motif of my illustration. I loved seeing so many people playing my creation. It held up surprisingly well thanks to the acrylic paint and clear coats of varnish. The best part? Now this beauty's in my living room. Check out the vide…