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Binge Mode Harry Potter - The Boy Who Lived

Fellow Bingeheads, here is a new design to go with your "In Defense of Fantasy" print from 2017. This time I'm using the words of Mallory Rubin from the final Harry Potter podcast with some new Harry Potter illustrations to match. As before, please feel free to download and print this yourself or you can order it as an archival art print from my Etsy shop. The words in this print are adapted from Mallory's original dialogue from Binge Mode.

 [update: due to copyright, the words "Nimbus 2000" and "Platform" no longer appear on this print.]

Watercolor Patronus with Photoshop Magic

This week I cast my very first Patronus Charm! Well, I painted one which feels like a similar accomplishment for an artist. It took a few trial runs and a nasty exchange with my masking fluid before I realized that a muggle like me needs a little help from Photoshop. Here's a quick look at how it all came together:

Watercolor wash for background, using only Indanthrene Blue. Once the wash dried, I added some trees to the abstract landscape.

Watercolor painting of a doe using a dark grey or black – something to contrast with the paper and therefore easy to select in Photoshop. I did start this step with a pencil sketch of a doe based on a photo I found of one galloping in a Patronus-like manner.

I scanned both pieces into Photoshop. Using layers, I created one base layer with the background. I wanted to make the landscape darker without altering the colors so I duplicated the layer. With the top background layer selected, I changed the transparency to "Multiply."

On top …