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Color as a social vehicle to create change

Color plays a significant role in how we feel about what we see. I feel more serene when I am looking at light blue and my mood usually perks up when I see bright yellow. Taking that idea further, Pantone has collaborated with students of San Francisco's Academy of Art University to answer the question: "How can color be used as a social vehicle to create change?" In addition, these students have studied ways for colors to be understood by people who are color blind. Read the full article at

Custom linocut cards for Falls Flowers

I was delighted when Peicha Chang of Falls Flowers commissioned me to create a  custom linocut stamp and stationery set for her beautiful flower shop. Falls Flowers specializes in custom garden-style designs with natural and lush arrangements. The tactile aesthetic of hand-stamped linocut cards makes a perfect compliment to Peicha's organic style. Based on my original illustration, I carved this tulip stamp to fit onto petite, 4bar notecards. With a mix of yellow, green, and white block inks, I created a variety of creamy sage tones for the final cards. I really enjoyed this project and would love to do more custom linocut work in the future.

Baby balance

I've been a little distant from this space and for that I apologize. Not just to anyone out there who reads this but to myself. I had no idea how little time I would have this first year of having a baby. I also admit that, with the time I do have after I get home from work, I hate the thought of opening my laptop and doing anything but be with my family. That and catch up on sleep. All of that's starting to change though. Baby George is sleeping through the night (most nights) and I have more time and energy in the evenings for my artistic endeavors.

I'm turning over a new leaf—working on new projects and staying in touch with the art world. I can't promise a post every day but I do promise to write more. Because I know apologies on blogs make for really dull content, this is my one an only. Be back soon.