"DECoupage the Halls..."

Most of my craft projects are waiting to be unveiled until after Christmas so as not to ruin the surprise for some of my frequent readers. However, I am too excited about this one to keep it a secret . . . and I don’t think that Ran’s grandmother is checking my site as often as some of you.

The inspiration for this project began when Ran’s grandmother moved into an apartment complex called “The Forest at Duke.” The move wasn’t an easy transition, but I think the hardest part was changing her address to imply that she is anything but a die-hard Carolina fan. To help her continue the rivalry with her neighbors, Ran and I made a decoupage sign for her front door that reads “The Forest at Carolina.”

To make your own decoupage creation you will need:

1. An item you would like to decoupage. We purchased a blank wooden plaque from AC Moore. We sanded and stained it before we started the decoupage process.
2. Pictures to decoupage. We printed the sign and basketball images but you can decoupage already-printed photographs or magazine images. NOTE: Do not print images from an inkjet printer. They will smear and smudge. Instead, copy your images on a laser jet printer. 
3. Craft scissors or Exacto knife
4. Modge Podge (this is the glue)
5. Foam brushes
6. Newspaper to protect your work surface
7. Paper towels and a cup of water for cleaning the brushes between applications

Click here for simple step-by-step instructions:
Happy crafting!


  1. Personally beautiful! I also just like to say, 'decoupage'. I might do it just so I can say it more often.


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