East Falls Flag (and the dos and don'ts of flag design)

Using the second design that I submitted in the East Falls tee shirt design contest, I created a flag for our front porch. This seventies style design was a bit too retro for the tee of choice but I think it looks nice in flag form. The only problem with this design is that I used text. I needed to order a double-sided flag for the text to print properly on both sides. Double sided = double the cost. A couple of neighbors have asked if I am selling these flags. I'm afraid to tell them how much I paid for this one, and I don't have the capital to get a bunch made at the lower bulk cost on the chance that people buy one. Anyway, this flag will probably be a little ragged by the end of the winter so I will make sure to design my next flag with a reversible design. Stay tuned, Fallsers, for the chance to buy one for your front porch!


  1. Estefi1/21/2010

    I understand that you had some problems with this flag, but I thinks it's super cool.So ReTrO! Loved it!


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