Fun With Iron-on Transfer Designs

As I mentioned earlier this week, I can finally reveal my super cute Christmas gifts that I made for my family. My nephews are always carrying armfuls of their latest toys so I decided to make customized tote bags for them to hold their treasures. I created the designs in Illustrator and printed them on iron transfer paper using my inkjet printer. I used the iron transfer paper "for dark fabrics" as the tote bags were blue and red.

For Sarah and Frank, I created a special logo for Tallarico Family Brewing and transferred the design onto simple tan tote bags. For these I used transfer paper for "white or light fabrics." Be sure to read the instructions for both kinds of paper very carefully as they ARE different.

It was so easy - I highly recommend using iron transfers to make special fabric gifts! Here is a photo of my satisfied customers!


  1. Estefi1/06/2010

    Wow! I really like those tote bags. What a cute idea :)
    Congrats on the logo, it looks perfect.


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