DIY Felt Valentine Card with Estefi of ArtE {Handmade}

My sister-in-law and talented felt crafter, Estefi, sent me a really cute DIY Valentine project that is fun and easy for both kids and adults. Follow her instructions after the jump below to make your own felt Valentine card. Estefi also just opened her Etsy shop, ArtE {handmade}. Check it out for affordable and adorable handmade gifts for you and your friends. Click "continue reading" below for Estefi's DIY project. 

Estefi's DIY Felt Valentine Card


  • 2 different colors of felt. I use acrylic felt because it is easier to find and cheaper. The size can vary depending on the desired size of the final card. I cut my hearts from 2 standard letter-sized pieces. 
  • embroidery floss
  • 1 sheet of card stock paper
  • 1 regular threading needle, just make sure the eye is big enough to thread the floss. 
1. Following my heart template (below) or your own template, cut the first felt heart (the biggest one).
2. Following the template, cut the second biggest felt heart.
3. Following the template, cut the last heart, but this time cut the card stock paper and not felt.
4. Align all the different hearts, one over the other.
5. Get your needle and floss ready and make a little knot at one end of the string.
6. Make you first stitch at the bottom of the heart, starting from the back side of the fabric to the front.
7. Stitch all the way around, always going through all 3 layers.
8. When you come to the end, tide both ends of the string together.
9. Write your special message on the card stock. Then you are done :)


  1. Very Cool! I'm sure it made for a nice Valentine's Day.


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