My new purchases from ArtE {Handmade}

Last week I encouraged people to check out one of my new favorites shops on Etsy- ArtE {Handmade}. I also encouraged myself to buy something! ArtE's felt pieces are seriously affordable - I paid about $10 for two cute items - a "panda" bookmark and a little change purse. I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty packaging and handmade felt tags that came attached to my items.  Because of this, I've learned a great tip for Etsy sellers - include a little freebie to warm the hearts and returning wallets of your customers.


  1. Katie is in love with this bookmark. I had to ask her if she was having a staring contest with the panda earlier tonight.

  2. I am glad you liked your items! Thanks for the nice article :)

  3. Anonymous3/01/2010

    QUE GENIALES ESOS ARTICULOS!! Me parecieron muuuy cooooolll!! Mabel


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