Creating mono-prints with a hot plate and crayons

Today’s tutorial is great for kids. It’s also a fun project for adults who want spend an hour or two with their inner-child. My mom is a preschool teacher who has introduced me to some fun, easy, and unique projects like this one: creating mono-prints with a hot plate and crayons.

Since I don’t own a hot plate, I had to make do with my stovetop griddle. A hot plate is safer to work with so I recommend using that if you’re doing this with little ones. 

You will need:

Heavy craft paper (standard printer paper will not work as it absorbs the wax from the crayons)
Hot plate
Tin foil
Cover your hot plate securely with tin foil. Heat to a medium temperature so that you can melt the crayons.

Draw your image on the heated foil using as many different crayons as you want. Keep in mind that thick lines will become large blobs when the wax and paper smoosh together. It took me a few tries to get these bunnies to stay in the shapes of bunnies.

Place the paper on top of the melted wax and lightly apply pressure with the back of a spoon.

Remove paper and admire your new masterpiece!

I made my prints into Easter cards for my nephews. 
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