Make your own outdoor ice sculptures

Although spring has almost sprung, I can't resist sharing these pictures of pretty ice sculptures that my sister made for her yard. My mom is the creative mind behind this fun and easy project. Scroll down for instructions on how to make your own ice art . . . and save the idea for next winter!

Instructions: Freeze containers of colored water (mix food coloring and water) or a combo of colored water and organic materials such as berries, twigs, birdseed, etc. in your freezer overnight (until frozen solid). Play around with different container shapes - like a narrow plastic cup or a flat casserole dish. To loosen them from the mold, run a little hot water on the outside of the container. To stack them, mix snow and water until you have a thick slush. Use the slush to "cement" the pieces of ice together! They look beautiful in the sunlight!


  1. Sarah, you're like Edwards Scissorhands. Amazing.

  2. Such an awesomely creative family! Love it!

  3. What a colourful creativity! That is simply gorgeous and wonderful. Love your pictures!


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