Il Papiro: Hand Decorated Paper

Another paper store that I visited in Italy was called Il Papiro. I found them in Florence but they are all over Italy and, lucky for us, they have a store in New York City. It was hard to narrow down my purchase to something that I could easily carry home on the plane. In fact, I probably could have just gone to the New York store when I got home. It felt more authentic to buy them in Italy though! I picked these four: hand-marbled paper from their local studio, a traditional pattern that they have been doing for hundreds of years, a calendar motif, and a city architectural motif. The only thing left to do is figure out what to make with these pretty sheets of paper. I'm thinking hand-sewn mini notepads would be a good project. Stay tuned! Detailed photos for each of the papers are below: 

1. Hand-marbled paper (their "peacock" design)

2. Traditional pattern

3. Calendar motif

4. City architectural motif