Christmas in July

It’s time to start preparing my winter inventory on Etsy and that means it’s Christmas in July. While hopping around Hammondsport, NY on my family vacation last week, I struck "paper ephemera” gold at the Mossy Bank Mercantile Co-op. My sister and I found so many gorgeous old postcards — perfect for the Christmas holiday season. My plan is to scan and clean them up in Photoshop before printing pretty cards to sell in my store. One of the great things about these old cards is that the copyright has expired. I can print (and sell) as many as I want and in whatever form (mugs, cards, magnets) I choose! Ran also found some paper treasures, including old maps of Africa, North Carolina, and Mexico. We will use them as framed art in our home and scan them for various travel videos and scrapbooks.

Mossy Bank Mercantile Co-op
Antiques & Collectibles
57 Shethar Street
PO Box 641
Hammondsport, NY 14840


  1. Looks like stuff you'd make anyway. Btw, John and I go up there every fall to visit his aunt and uncle. Can't wait to check out the store!



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