Butterfly woodblock cards - my printing process

I love the look of block-printed cards. While fulfilling a recent order for my butterfly cards, I took some pictures of my printing process.

Supplies: carved block, block printing ink, newspaper to protect your work surface, blank cards, brayer (roller), inking plate (I use a small cut of plexi).
Step 1. Ink the plate. Squeeze about a tablespoon of ink onto your inking plate. Roll the brayer over the ink until the ink is coating the roller. Reapply ink to your plate every two cards.
Step 2. Apply the ink onto your carved block. Roll the brayer across your carved block. Apply light pressure as you roll. The goal is to get the ink to stick to the block, not smear it around with a heavier force.
Step 3. Stamp the card. It helps to have a couple more sheets of newspaper underneath the card as a cushion. The block will make a more consistent imprint on the card.
Step 4. Leave your cards to dry for 48 hours before stacking them or packing them up for mailing.