Making your packaging as beautiful as your product (on a budget)

I have read countless Etsy forums and various business entries on some of my favorite blogs about the importance of packaging. While I understand that packaging should be lovely, I think it's asking a lot to spend more on the boxes than the product inside. Instead of buying a bunch of new boxes and fancy stickers, I decided to add a decorative, hand-made look to one of my recent wedding invitation shipments. I still used a sturdy cardboard box and bubble wrap for the outer packaging (that cargo is precious!). However, I rummaged through my craft bins and put together a very affordable but pretty wrapping job for the actual invitations. This is the finished piece—using some leftover ribbon, a small square of handmade paper, and plain white tissue paper. My customer emailed me when she received her order and told me that, after seeing my packaging, she wanted me to help with more wedding details. Packaging really is important but you don't have to spend a lot of money to make it beautiful.


  1. i love this idea, so nice to add an extra special touch to show how much u care. i recently purchased a silver initial pendant from Christina Kober on Etsy and in addition to being beautiful it was packaged with such care and prettiness :-)

  2. Thank you Jen! I totally agree. I was also inspired by other Etsy sellers' packaging ideas. It really does make it a special buying experience.


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