One-yard Wonders

Remember when I got a sewing machine for Christmas? Well, the recent months have been filled with too many design projects to really explore the wonderful world of sewing. Now that my projects are slowing down (I'm preparing for the whole nesting situation to start around June) I am finally bringing out my new toy. I was recently given a really fun sewing book called One-yard Wonders. It's filled with tons (101 in fact) of projects that can be done with just 1 yard of fabric. There are sections for clothes, craft supplies, furniture decorations, and toys. I am going to delve into the kids section first. I think my first project will be the personalized banner for the baby room. I picked out a few other projects that are next in line!
Personalized banner
Decorative car trash bag
Pirate growth chart
Kid's crafting smock
Fabric checkers


  1. Oooh, I like that! Someday, I'll have to follow suit!


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