DIY notepads with old hardcover books

My mom recently brought over a lot of my old toys and books for George to enjoy. In the pile of treasures we found a set of miniature Sesame Street hardcover books from 1980. The binding was shot and the interior pages were falling out. Instead of recycling them, I wanted to think of a way to upcycle them. I found this tutorial and set to some very easy work of converting these books to blank notepads. My next project will be to turn the interior pages into adorable notecards!

Supplies: 2 pieces of wood, all purpose tacky glue, blank sheets of paper (cut to size), clamp

Clamp the paper between the two pieces of wood. 

Apply tacky glue along the spine of the notepad. Let dry.

Apply glue to the interior spine of the cover. 

Set the notepad of paper into the glue filled spine of the cover. Close book and let dry.