Deoch and Doruis and Whiskey Galore

'Deoch an doruis' is the Scottish Gaelic phrase for a night cap or a drink before you leave. The literal definition is "a drink at the door." I first read this phrase in Compton Mackenzie's Whiskey Galore while traveling over the Atlantic on our way to Scotland.  It’s a fun read about a small town in the Hebrides that has been rationed out of whiskey during WWII only to have a cargo ship carrying 50,000 cases of the stuff wreck on their shores. Imagine the hilarity that ensues - “hide the whiskey!” as my 3 yr old now says after watching the 1949 movie version with us. This charming story inspired me to paint my own bottle and dram with my Grumbacher deluxe transparent watercolors on Canson watercolor paper.

My whimsical watercolor print combines the golden ambers of whiskey with the purple hues of the Scottish Highlands. A perfect gift for whiskey lovers and those whose heart is in the Highlands. Can be purchased in two sizes from my Etsy shop.

Cover design and illustration by Paul Bommer