Harry Potter Theme Party

If you're planning a Harry Potter event, whether it's a theme night for adults or a child's birthday party, I've got a few things to share that will help add a magic touch. Awhile back, my husband and I worked together on a Harry Potter-themed birthday package for my now teenage nephew. My only regret was that this was a little too convincing and he seemed genuinely hopeful that he would in fact be attending Hogwart's the next school year. Although he seems to have recovered and still loves magic, perhaps this is best for a party rather than a surprise letter for a small child!

Our package included admission letters, train tickets, sorting hat cards, Bertie Bott's "Every Flavor" Beans, and two of the most amazing wands you have ever seen. Filled with Phoenix Tail Feathers, Dragon Heartstrings, and a whole lot of love from his aunt and uncle, this magical gift will truly delight! We even added extra train tickets for his wizard friends and a wand for his little brother.

You can download the PDF files for the letter, ticket, schedule, and sorting hat cards by clicking here.